MMSNF - Canada 2017

The Materials Modelling and Simulation for Nuclear Fuels (MMSNF) workshop is a forum for the stimulation and discussion of innovative modelling and simulation techniques for nuclear fuels. 

Examples of topics include the development of innovative techniques to model fuel behaviour, the coupling of various physical phenomena to enhance material predictions, and the utilization of such techniques to better interpret experimental measurements. Presentations are grouped by scales following a multiscale paradigm and range in space-time scale from ab initio to fuel performance. The rationale behind this workshop is to contribute to improving the communication and to stimulate synergies among different groups.

The format of the event is to feature a limited number of broad presentations on recent insightful and exciting topics with ample time for discussions to facilitate more of a workshop format. Large poster sessions will showcase individual work in a manner that permits focussed interaction and discussion with international experts and colleagues. 

The MMSNF 2017 workshop will be the latest installment in a series that began in 2003, and will be jointly hosted by the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. 

Location: Ottawa, ON 
Date:Sept/October 2017 - Please see dates poll (right column)


Please follow the link here to reach a poll on the workshop date. The results will be complied and the date announced on this site. A link to complete registration and additional information will be provided through this site later in the spring of 2017.

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