High School Co-op Eligibility

Student Eligibility

Students must be participating in a recognized co-op program as part of their studies at high school and must be legally eligible to work in Canada in accordance with Canadian Immigration Laws.

All placements are conditional to regular security clearance and reliability check requirements.


High School co-op opportunities follow the school year. CNL partners with the local High School Co-op Coordinators to identify placements for students. 

  • Students are to work with their High School Co-op Coordinator for CNL opportunities.
  • The Co-op Coordinator will contact CNL’s HR Talent Acquisition Officers to arrange placements.
  • Students are required to provide references and transcripts. Acceptable reference letters are from people who have known the student for five plus years preferably one business and one personal. If you do not have a professional reference we will accept a teacher, a coach, a person you have volunteered with/for (excluding relatives).

Please be advised that we do not accept faxed, emailed or mailed resumes. Resumes are only accepted from the High School Co-op Coordinators.

CNL will not respond to general emails or telephone inquiries requesting updates on position status.