CAN 10 Pump Seal Team

The D.F. Torgerson Discovery Award is awarded to:

Robby Baidwan, Brian Edward, Ailsa Eyvindson, Charles Godin, Misty Greig, Vanessa Hawkins, Aneesh John, Jason Kuehl, Jose Lemay, Robert Lumsden, Roman Lungu, Imola Molnar, Tibor Molnar, Rosa Elia Ortega Pelayo, Amir Sartipi, Ronald Sawyer and  Changqing Zhang: 

For the successful design, development, qualification, supply and installation of CAN10 mechanical seals for reactor recirculation pumps in nuclear generating station. This new seal represents a significant advance in mechanical seal performance for these large pumps both in terms of reliability and longevity. Despite numerous challenges, the team worked tirelessly to focus on the end goal and in March 2017, two CAN10 seals were installed and have been operating flawlessly since then. Two more are planned for installation in March 2018.