Steam Generator Investigations

This year, the Discovery Award was given to Bruce Addicott, Michael Banks, Robert Bowden, Matthew Dickerson, Paul Feenstra, Vinson Gauthier, John Jackson, Victor Janzen, Anne McLellan, Jim Patrick, Muhammad Saleem, Teguewinde Sawadogo, Bruce Smith, and Lan Qin Yuan recognizing the successful conclusion of a difficult series of experiments related to vibration and ultimately premature wear on steam generator tubes within nuclear power reactors. 

Intense international interest in this mechanism was created when a replacement steam generator in the United States was damaged due to this mechanism during its first operating cycle. The work of this team will help improve the operating lifetimes of existing reactors and the reliability of new reactor and steam generator designs, and has put CNL at the forefront of international research into flow-induced vibration of steam generator and heat exchanger tube arrays.