U2 Loop Return to Service

The Distinguished Merit Award is awarded to:

Jason Heal, Patrick Mansfield and Tyler White for leading the return of the U2 Loop to service in the NRU reactor.  The U2 Loop in NRU is fundamental to CNL’s ability to declare itself a full capability technology developer.  The loop is the only one available and capable of testing full scale CANDU® fuel bundles at temperatures, pressures, neutron fluxes and water chemistry properties typical of CANDU operating conditions.  The U2 Loop had not been in operation for a number of years and in 2014, it was declared a major project to return it to service.  On 2016 September 18, the U2 Loop was returned to service.  The successful return of the U2 Loop was a collaborative effort and team effectiveness was crucial to success.  The recipients were able to bring together many different groups, each with their own drivers and motivators to successfully complete the project.