Hydrogen Safety

The D.F. Torgerson Discovery Award is awarded to:


Tony Clouthier, Zhe (Rita) Liang and Reilly MacCoy for their innovative experiments, analysis and publications in improving fundamental understanding of hydrogen safety in nuclear power plants.  The recipients conducted a series of combustion and recombination experiments at the large scale hydrogen combustion test facilities at the Whiteshell Laboratories.  Hydrogen combustion in containment presents a challenge to containment integrity, which could alter the fission-product release source term from containment.  In the past five years, the team successfully conducted a large number of experiments funded by the CANDU Owner’s Group (COG) and made significant progress in improving the understanding of combustion behaviour and the effectiveness of mitigation measures under accident conditions.  The knowledge obtained in these experiments is crucial to ensuring hydrogen safety for the Canadian nuclear industry.  The experimental data has established a strong foundation to allow the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and the CANDU industry to evaluate the effectiveness of the hydrogen mitigation measures currently installed in the Canadian power reactors.