Suppliers' Safety Forum

Next Supplier Safety Forum:

08:00 to 10:30 - 2019 November 12
Chalk River Lion's Hall

Contractor Badges or Visitor Requests:

In order to be able to participate, the Company representatives are to have either a Contractor badge that is current or complete and submit a visitor request form at minimum of seven days prior to the Contractor Safety Forum event. Company representatives that fail to meet this requirement may be excluded from access to the CRL site.

New and Local Contractors not yet working on site: 

CNL will be hosting other events during the next year to assist companies in learning how to work with CNL. However, companies may choose to participate in the Supplier Safety Forum to learn how to be ready to work with CNL should they wish and must submit a completed Visitor Clearance form at least seven days in advance or they may not be granted access to Chalk River Laboratories for purposes of attending the Forum. 

CNL Contacts: 

Suppliers are asked to send their inquiry to and a member of the Supplier Relationships and Development staff will respond to your e-mail.

For more information, contact: 

Jack Springer Manager,
Supplier Relationships and Development
(613) 584-8811 ext 44602