Useful Information

The useful Information section will provide CNL suppliers with updates on CNL Policies and Procedures that you should be aware of as they may impact your understanding of how to work as a CNL contractor.

Notice to Contractors

Work Authority( Kodiak Holding Group ) which is CRL Mobile Safety Footwear supplier would welcome contractors to visit their mobile truck for all their safety footwear needs. They accept cash, debit or credit card for all transactions.

Requirements for CNL Contractors

CNL expects to conduct business with safe, competent and capable contractors that will deliver the intended outcomes and provide the best value to CNL over the life of the contract. 

“Contractor” means any supplier performing work or services on a CNL site, including consultants or professional services organizations that having more than five staff at a CNL site. 

To achieve this objective, CNL has engaged ISNetworld (ISN) to enhance and streamline some of the pre-award and post contract-award processes. ISN is a global leader in supplier information management and supports more than 75,000 contractors and 650 hiring companies like Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, Hydro Ottawa, Toronto Hydro, etc. CNL intends to use ISN for the purpose of collection, verification, analysis and reporting of contractor information including; Safety, Quality, Training and Performance Management activities.

Registration with ISN

Contractors who are successful in winning work with CNL will need to register with ISN prior to award of Contract, for which there is a yearly fee. 

Unless prescribed differently, in most cases, ISN membership will not be required to submit proposals to CNL. However, CNL does require that Contractors subscribe to ISN, and have the relevant programs validated by ISN upon notification of being a Preferred Proponent.

Details of ISN’s subscription fees can be found on the ISN portal

Membership in ISN has a number of advantages, not only to CNL, but also to our Contractors, including: 

  • New business development opportunities through access to a wide range of hiring clients who also use ISN (approximately 650) 
  • Reduced administrative burden, resulting in time saving opportunities in the pre-qualification process for hiring clients that use ISN 
  • Easy tracking of company-level information that require periodic updates 
  • Access to employee training information and automated notification when training records are due for renewal


CNL will require that its Contractors be registered with ISN, except in the following cases:

Please Note: CNL will approve all ISN Exemptions.


S/No  ISN Exemptions Examples
1 Contracts for the purchase and delivery of goods,  materials and equipment, where there is no  requirements for assembly and installation Buying goods, or an item related to a heavy equipment, which is offloaded at CNL sites
2 Contracts where work is performed only at the supplier’s workplace  Professional services strictly working off site 
3 Contracts where the supplier’s Scope Of Work is limited to the delivery and or transportation of non-radioactive and or non-hazardous materials, where there is no physical connection to CNL assets Water delivery, salt and sand for road maintenance  
4 Contracts with regulatory bodies or municipal townships Town of Deep River, Embridge, Hydro One, Bell 
5  Contracts for non-commercial vehicle rental services Enterprise, Hertz, Avis
6 Contracts for staff augmentation services in an office environment A security cleared worker providing services on a temporary basis within the organization
7 Contracts for professional or consulting services, where the number of personnel working on the Scope Of Work is equal to or less than four  Auditors, appraisal services, training engineers, lawyers  
8 Contracts where the required information that would normally be provided by ISN to allow CNL to review contractor safety performance, is provided directly by the Contractor, and is reviewed and signed off by the authorizer of the exemption  Approval provided by a CNL GM or Executive or emergency services/repairs  

ISN Requirements for Contractors

CNL expects its contractors to be in “Good Standing” (i.e. having a rating of A, B or C) with ISN, generally upon award of contract, prior to commencing work and for the duration of the contract. 

  • CNL’s requirements for ISN include the following: 
  • Company Profile 
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Questionnaire 
  • Safety Statistics Questionnaire 
  • HSSE Programs 
  • Workers Compensation Rate Statement 

The following provides a high-level overview of the process: 

  • Upon notification of being a preferred proponent, potential Contractors will be required to upload the mandatory HSE documentation, and answer the questionnaire in ISN, within 30 days of CNL notification. 
  • ISN will review the documentation and provide a grade based on CNL’s pre-qualification requirements. 
  • The short-listed potential Contractor with good standing (i.e. A, B or C) in ISN will be awarded the contract.


  • Contractors can work directly with ISN representatives to improve their standing in ISN (i.e. A, B or C). 
  • Contractors failing to meet such standards may require further verification and corrective actions to be undertaken, or in some cases, may not be deemed appropriate to work on a CNL site. 
  • CNL will be extending its “Good Standing’ verification to address matters connected with quality, training, and contractor performance in the near future. 
  • Once working with CNL, Contractors are required to maintain their information in ISN and inform CNL of any changes to matters that may affect their “Good Standing” status. 
  • Should any contractor fall below CNL requirement for “Good Standing”, CNL will work with that Contractor to develop an appropriate plan(s) to re-acquire its Good Standing. In certain instances, until such status has been re-acquired, this may have impacts on the Contractor’s ability to perform work for CNL.

CNL Training for On-Boarding of Contractors

CNL will be leveraging ISN to deliver training to Contractors personnel working on site. This includes: 

  • Contractor Site Orientation (CSO); 
  • General Site Orientation (GSO); 
  • Group 4 Radiation Protection training; and 
  • Supplier Code of Conduct 

Our on-line arrangements also included Dosimetry related forms for contractors to download and complete. 

The following provides a high-level overview of the process: 

  • The CNL Sponsor will determine the CNL training requirements for the Contractors personnel working on site. 
  • The contractor will be required to create individual accounts in ISN for their personnel. 
  • Contractor personnel will log into ISN and complete the required training, acknowledge the Supplier Code of Conduct, download and complete the required forms, and print completion certificates for when they arrive on site.


  • CSO, Group 4 and Supplier Code of Conduct training can be taken by Contractors that have an ISN membership 
  • Contractors working on site will be required to refresh their training, on a yearly basis. This includes Contractor Site Orientation (CSO); General Site Orientation (GSO); Group 4; and the Supplier Code of Conduct 
  • ISN will provide automated notification to Contractor’s personnel 30 days prior to the expiration of training requirements 
  • Contractors will not be permitted to enter the site if the training requirements have not been satisfied