Success Stories

Bringing CNL back into the conversation

Last week was a big week for CNL and for nuclear in this country. Over the five-day span, the entire industry came together in Ottawa at the Canadian Nuclear Association’s (CNA) Annual Conference and Trade Show to talk about nuclear: its current state, its future outlook, challenges, and begin conversations about how to move forward. While the CNA provides the opportunity, a great deal of work is done on the margins of the event, including discussions with host communities, bilateral meetings with government officials, commercial business and a substantial push on communications both within the industry but also to the general public and stakeholders. 

As many of you noticed, this effort included CNL. We began an awareness campaign that saw CNL featured on bus shelters and airport signage in key Ottawa locations; a hosted evening reception with key industry players; a lunch discussion with MPs and community leaders; a substantial presence at the CNA conference including speaking engagements for our President and Vice-President of R&D; a social media campaign to target conference attendees, Parliament Hill and government stakeholders, and those searching nuclear keywords; and, a conventional advertising campaign on several websites and the Hill Times print and digital editions. 

Coincident with the CNL campaign, last week the Toronto Star ran a special feature on nuclear in Ontario. Nuclear power is a fundamental part of our province’s economy, providing roughly 60% of our electricity needs, reliably and cost-effectively. The nuclear industry in Ontario is picking up speed, as we move towards refurbishment of much of the current fleet. From CNL’s perspective as a leader in nuclear science and technology, the insert had a particular emphasis on the role of research and development more broadly including work to supporting the current fleet through life extensions, looking to future reactor designs, and touching on the many other ways that nuclear science can benefit our lives through breakthroughs in health, clean energy and safety. The feature also included a half-page interview with Dr. Kathryn McCarthy, our new Vice-President of Research & Development . You can view the full insert here

This was a bold but successful first step and the industry took notice. CNL is transforming in most every conceivable way, and this includes changing the way we communicate in order to update how we are perceived within the industry and by our stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally. Watch for this effort to continue over the months ahead.