Success Stories

Strengthening our commitment to sustainability

CNL’s Environment Policy (900-509200-POL-001) has recently been amended to include a clear commitment to sustainability with the addition of the following statement: 

“We set sustainability objectives and targets for energy efficiency, clean energy utilization, waste management and conservation of resources to support continual improvement of our performance.”

This change supports CNL’s alignment to standards set by the Government of Canada, specifically the 2016-2019 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) as well as CNL’s work to advance nuclear science and technology for a clean and secure world. 

To demonstrate our commitment, Sustainability Objectives are being developed. Here are some projects (past, present, and future) which illustrate CNL’s commitment to sustainability in our operations:

  • Our transition to natural gas service at the Chalk River site will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and other harmful emissions (NOx, SOx).
  • Our new construction projects are designed for high-efficiency and sustainability. For example, the Harriet Brooks Building, which opened in 2016 was constructed to LEED Silver standards.
  • We have many energy conservation projects underway including high efficiency lighting installations and Building Automation System (BAS) upgrades.
  • We are dedicating parking spaces for high occupancy vehicles (HOV) and electric vehicles (EV).  
  • We are developing an Integrated Waste Strategy (IWS) using a more comprehensive lifecycle approach to managing wastes,  
  • We are strengthening our biodiversity programs, and our work in Species at Risk management. 
  • We are promoting “green” procurement practices and material re-use.
  • The Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) will enable us to safely dispose of low-level waste liabilities and environmental remediation work. 
  • The Storm Water Management Project is helping CNL better manage storm water runoff from the CRL campus, helping to protect our watershed.
  • The Drinking Water Distribution System and Sanitary Sewage Treatment Facility (SSTF) help to minimize the impact of  our operations on the environment.
  • CRL is committed to conformance to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Standard.