Success Stories

CRL and WL Environmental Management System (EMS) successfully complete re-registration to ISO 14001:2004

(2016 August 16) Testament to our commitment to minimize the environmental footprints resulting of our operations, our CRL and WL's Environmental Management Systems have successfully re-registered to the ISO 14001:2004 standard. ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized framework for environmental management systems – implemented in more than 170 countries – and helps organizations manage the impact of their activities on the environment and to demonstrate sound environmental management.

To maintain registration, both CRL and WL are subject to stringent annual external surveillance audits of our Environmental Management System and a re-registration audit every three years. Re-registration audits of both sites were conducted by SAI Global this past spring. SAI Global interviewed many people and toured several facilities and projects; after 11 days of audit, the auditors found zero non-conformances, describing our environmental management systems as “effective and mature.” That said, in the spirit of continuous improvement, actions are underway to address the opportunities identified during the audit to further improve our environmental performance at CNL.

CNL has proudly maintained certification at CRL for over 12 years; in 2010 this registration was expanded to include WL, now certified for over six years.