Success Stories

Voyageur Recognition Program Q2

(2015 December 11) The CNL Voyageur Recognition Program honours and showcases employees from across the company that go above and beyond their job descriptions to excel in safety, execution and innovation. The hard work of these individual employees and teams makes us a stronger, more efficient and more effective nuclear science and technology organization.

Congratulations 2015/2016 Quarter 2 award winners and thank you for your continuing commitment to excellence.

Voyageur Recognition Program JingJing Wang, John Leblanc, Sean Deighton, Laura Blomeley, Dave Parker, Sam Melnyk, Jordan Epp, Greg Finley, Steve Lewsey and Ruxandra Dranga are recognized for obtaining Nuclear Criticality Safety Panel approval for the Criticality Safety Document ahead of schedule and under budget.

Terry Nagora, Glen Horvath, Mariana Gaubie, Amr El Aghoury and Ron Kellner were instrumental in the design effort for the installation of equipment pads for Building 420 (B420) emergency power equipment and provided critical support during construction, especially when the project encountered excavation issues. As a direct result of their efforts, the B420 emergency power project team was able to deliver emergency power to B420 during the electrical outage.  Ron wrote all of the work plans for internal trades to execute the installation of all cabling for the emergency power in B420 during the planned outage.

Jane Vachon is recognized for organizing an Intellectual Property Awareness workshop including planning all the logistics for an off-site event for almost 200 attendees. As well as programming the entire day, including securing a talk from an IP lawyer at no cost, Jane researched and created materials for engaging learning exercises. 

Jayson Cyncora, Cory Bush, Jesse Kaminski, Steve Berry, Tyler Bernauer, Jordan Yarish and Eleanor Reimer have set a bench mark for knowledge gained during the safe planning and execution of a first of its kind tank decontamination project.  Approximately 8 kg of very highly contaminated waste was removed from the tank, without any accident or dose incidents because of the team’s collaborative efforts in safe work planning and their precise execution.

Meghan Edwards has provided exceptional support to the various HSSE teams in the development and delivery of appropriate, focused, effective and efficient training to the line. She has done this in a professional manner always keeping the end user (the ones receiving the training) in mind to maximize their learning.

Andy Geiger, Jeff Vereyken, Darnell Charbonneau, Curtis Ethier, Stephen Paulusse, Crystal Cluett, Garwin Edwards, Nelson Anderson, Jory Schultz, Mark Hein, Christie Fabian, Andrew Seegmiller and Dave Heideman: While working in adverse conditions the team completed countless tasks at NPD in support of outstanding Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission commitments and prepared the facility for share transfer.

Tammy Molinski, Mark Hembroff, Dan Gagnon, Joanne Sieg, and J Horton  worked diligently to schedule all the work and requirements, compile the necessary data, review the data, finalize contributory reports, prepare a draft report, and disposition SME comments for the Environmental Assessment Follo-up Program Annual Safety Report. The typical timeline for this effort is about four to six months. This team completed the report in roughly two months. 

Aleksandar Vasic and Songyu Liu performed thermalhydraulic analysis of small bore piping breaks as a NRU U-2 Loop Loss of Coolant Accident (LLOCA). The U-2 Loop is an experimental test facility within the NRU reactor.  They performed and documented a CATHENA analysis of the simultaneous failure of 38 small bore pipes, coincident with a loss of Class IV power and the failure of safety components not seismically qualified.

Thank you for your outstanding work.