Success Stories

Voyageur Recognition Program Q1

(2015 September 30) The CNL Voyageur Recognition Program honours and showcases employees from across the company that go above and beyond their job descriptions to excel in safety, execution and innovationThe hard work of these individual employees and teams makes us a stronger, more efficient and more effective nuclear science and technology organization.

Congratulations 2015/2016 Q1 award winners and thank you for your continuing commitment to excellence.

Voyageur Recognition Program Joanna Sullivan - For her work in strengthening CNL’s security culture through presentations she personally organized and delivered to management groups and staff.

Michael Whan -  A model employee, held in the highest regard by all those with whom he works; he has worked very hard to ensure that the shop is aligned with the needs of the work management group, while still making effort to maintain the service level to the NRU Operations sections.

Brodie Whitelaw, Alan Diduch, Rajamani Ponnan, Cliff Lutz, Clint McGillis, Steve Reaume, Hugh Boniface, Renaud Tremblay, Elissa Warren and Victoria Schroeder - For their commitment to the completion of CNL’s state of the art Hydrogen Isotopes Laboratory.

Tim Rector, Toban Verdun, James Carmody, Jude Alexander, Stephen Alexander, Alice Leung, Alexander Barry, Tong Liu, Guy Leblond and Huiping Yan - For their development of a complex qualified software control system within a tool (MODAR)  which will be instrumental in prolonging the operating life of reactor units.

Elana Graham, Anne-Marie Darowny, Sanket Radadia, Raner Coleman and Shawn Lance - For their work commissioning a new compressor and dryer system at CRL. Compressed air is utilized for a multitude of purposes including process controls such as NRU reactor control systems, and research and development activities.

Jason deRuiter - His work helped position CNL’s Pressure Boundary program as an industry leader in design, construction, operation, and maintenance of pressure retaining systems and components.

Sean Gamley, Dave Woodcock, Anthony Worona, Len Rasmussen and Sunette Mynhardt - For their work in safely removing approximately 34,000 kg of contaminated lead from Whiteshell Laboratories (MB) for offsite remediation.

Dustin Lavigne-Raymond - On his own initiative, he arranged the procurement and assembly of pumps and hoses to mitigate a potential risk. This is a shining example of both a questioning attitude, and of problem identification and resolution.

David Rowan, Jamie Carr and Renee Silke - For their work undertaking and successfully executing a first of its kind study based on Biota-Sediment Accumulation Factors.

Rick Boor and Howie Jessup - For their work in developing CNL’s Portable Polymer Tester, a tool used to assess cable insulation/jacket material degradation.

Charlie Bertrand and Brian Plath - For their work on multiple NRU improvements leading to increased isotope production capabilities and improved reactor reliability.

Joanne Bailey, Stephen White, Ertan Oral, Marjorie Chisholm-Larouche, Tom Nguyen, Mike Beale, Martin Bagshaw, Dwight Munro, Don Gagnon, Sonya Lepinski, Kevin Kubota, Nicolas Prud’homme, Kyle Barlow, Chris Vaillancourt, Pat Voisin, Scott Ranger and Doug Cram - For their work in securing the renewal of our Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Certificates of Authorization. These authorizations are an essential part of maintaining a compliant pressure boundary program.