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Learn more about nuclear science - Video series

The Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) has teamed up with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to produce a series of videos to highlight the vast Canadian contribution to the development of nuclear science.

Please share with your colleagues and friends – this video series is particularly good for teachers and students.

(May 19) How do tiny, invisible particles from outer space help us detect nuclear materials? How can we tell what is inside a metal cargo container without opening it?

(April 30) What tools are used to study the materials that make up nuclear reactors? How do scientists work to find and remove the smallest impurities in these materials?

(March 25) What if we could recycle uranium and nuclear fuel, like we recycle our own garbage at home? What technologies are currently being used to recycle nuclear fuels in Canada?

(February 23) What measures are in place to keep a nuclear reactor cool? What roles do heat and fluids play in the safety of reactors?

(February 06) What is the difference between natural and man-made radiation and where do they come from? What do popcorn and uranium have in common? Watch the video for the answers.

(December 17) How much uranium would it take to power your house for an entire year? How is uranium used in a nuclear reactor to produce energy?

(December 04) What is nuclear fission, and why is it important? When was it discovered, and what is it used for today?