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OCI Suppliers Day arrives at Chalk River Laboratories

Fourth annual trade show demonstrates AECL’s support for the success of Canada’s nuclear supply chain

(Chalk River, 2014 September 25) In what has become a recurring event in the Canadian nuclear calendar, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) are pleased to announce that OCI Suppliers Day has once again come to Chalk River Laboratories. Now an annual event, the trade show welcomed over 50 nuclear firms to the Ottawa Valley and offered AECL employees the opportunity to get a glimpse at what is new as well as explore business prospects with representatives from across the Canadian nuclear supply chain.

Addressing assembled participants at the OCI Suppliers Day pre-event dinner on the evening before the show, AECL President and CEO Bob Walker spoke persuasively about the critical role that a thriving and competitive supply chain means to the industry.

“OCI and the supply chain comprise a very important part of Canada’s highly-skilled nuclear design, manufacturing and engineering sectors.  This event is forum for OCI to showcase its members’ nuclear ‘know-how’ and to demonstrate its expertise at solving difficult technical challenges and delivering innovative solutions to market,” Bob said. 

“As we move forward with restructuring and with realizing the full potential of AECL and its unique facilities and expertise, we want to emphasize the centrality that collaboration and knowledge sharing contribute to strengthening Canada’s position in nuclear markets. Simply stated, when we work together we are stronger, more competitive and better positioned to realize success,” Bob declared.

OCI President Ron Oberth emphasized the importance of AECL’s role in supporting innovation through research and development, procurement as well as industry access to its one-of-a-kind facilities.

“The supply chain’s ability to support projects domestically and further afield in burgeoning international markets demonstrates the depth and breadth of Canada’s nuclear sector. That depth and breadth has always been supported by AECL and we will continue to forge new links as we move forward with emergent business prospects and technical challenges,” Oberth stated.

About OCI

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries is an association of more than 180 leading Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry in Canada and offshore. OCI members companies employ collectively around 10,000 highly skilled and specialized people who manufacture major equipment and components and provide engineering services and support to the 19 operating CANDU nuclear power plants in Canada as well as to CANDU and other nuclear plants in offshore markets. More information on OCI can be found at

About AECL

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization.

For over 60 years, AECL has been a world leader in developing peaceful and innovative applications from nuclear technology through its expertise in physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology and engineering. Over 3,000 highly skilled employees deliver a range of nuclear services – ranging from research and development, design and engineering to specialized technology, waste management and decommissioning. Today, AECL continues its commitment to ensure that Canadians and the world receive energy, health, environmental and economic benefits from nuclear science and technology with confidence that nuclear safety and security are assured. More information on AECL can be found at

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