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AECL’s business development team secures a new customer in the auto sector

(2014 September 05) Shortly after AECL’s participation at the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) Annual Conference & Exhibition held in Windsor, the Business Development and Commercial Ventures group announced they have secured a new customer named AGS Automotive Systems, to perform metallographic and surface analysis of various chrome plated automotive parts.

“Not long after AECL’s presence at the APMA, we received components from AGS to perform very specialized analyses,” says Carl Marcotte, AECL’s Vice-President of Business Development and Commercial Ventures. “We called on the expertise of AECL’s Centre of Excellence for Materials and Chemistry (in nuclear applications) to deliver on this project,” he adds.

Ian Muir, the AECL technical lead for the work, tells us the task at hand is to conduct a thorough characterization of the plated components, which is a crucial step in evaluating and improving the long-term performance of the coatings..

AGS Automotive is a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier specializing in bumper impact assemblies with capabilities in metal stamping, plating, coating and welding. The company has eight facilities in North America and has approximately 35% of the chrome-plated bumper business. It produces mainly front and rear impact system assemblies and modules, as well as some general stampings, such as cross members, oil pans, and frame components. AGS customers include Chrysler, GM, and other original equipment makers.

“This is a great example of how AECL’s applied science and technology offering adds value to clients in many sectors, even beyond our traditional nuclear business lines,” adds Marcotte.

“We are very excited about collaborating with AECL,” says Joe Loparco, Co-President of AGS Automotive. “We feel that they have capabilities which we can leverage to help us continuously improve the quality and appearance of our parts.  This can give us a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive global auto parts market. From our perspective, collaboration and transfer of knowledge across sectors like nuclear and auto parts manufacturing, as we are doing with AECL, has the potential to lead to transformative innovation in our business,” he adds.

AECL’s revitalized and refocussed Business Development and Commercial Ventures group has been actively seeking new customers in various industries, which include automotive, aerospace and defence, petrochemical, pharmaceutical to name a few.,

For more information, contact:

Patrick Quinn
Director, Corporate Communications
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
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Joe Loparco
AGS Automotive System
Telephone: 416-438-6650