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Latest issue of the AECL Nuclear Review now available

(2014 June 27) AECL is pleased to announce that the latest issue of the AECL Nuclear Review is now available. Featuring a broad range of articles and technical papers covering matters that are important to the scientific community, the 2014 June issue of Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology journal can be accessed directly at its brand new website (

Since its inception, the AECL Nuclear Review - Canada’s first nuclear peer-reviewed journal - has been steadily expanding its readership. The journal is published semi-annually and showcases nuclear science and technology that is aligned with AECL’s core programs. The new issue also marks the launch of the publication’s new website, which was designed by Canadian Science Publishing, an independent, not-for profit scholarly publisher that brings a great deal of expertise to the production of the AECL journal.

AECL welcomes submissions for publication in the AECL Nuclear Review from all areas of the nuclear community. A special issue on The Future of Nuclear is being planned for 2014 December, which will discuss topics such as advanced fuel and fuel cycles, small reactors, next-generation reactors, waste management strategies, environmental stewardship, refurbishment activities and health.

Submissions for this special issue are due by 2014 July 15. Papers, including full articles or technical notes, can be submitted anytime online by visiting            

AECL Nuclear Review Editorial Board