Success Stories

“The Boy Who Played with Fusion” visits the Chalk River Laboratories

On Friday, February 28, we were very happy to host Taylor Wilson – a 19-year-old from Arkansas and the “world's youngest fusioneer” for an afternoon tour of the Chalk River Laboratories. Although we always appreciate visitors taking the time to tour our facilities, Wilson, is not your typical teenager.

At the age of 14, Wilson became the youngest person to produce nuclear fusion using his own reactor designed and built in his parent’s garage. In the five years that followed, he has continued his work in the areas of nuclear safety, non-proliferation, small modular reactor technology, radiation safety, advanced fuels, and decommissioning. This nuclear ‘wunderkind’ has a deep appreciation and interest in mostly all aspects of nuclear science and technology and has worked with, for or beside an impressive roster of industry-leading organizations.
Following a speaking engagement at the 2014 Canadian Nuclear Association Conference, Wilson asked to visit CRL to learn more about our capabilities and facilities. We were happy to oblige.

Wilson visited our Non-Proliferation & Safeguards Laboratory, Cosmic Ray Inspection and Passive Tomography (CRIPT) facility, Thermalhydraulics Laboratory, Fuel Development Laboratory, and Recycle Fuel Fabrication Laboratory with a quick peek in both NRX and NRU. Throughout the tour he was thoroughly engaged and interested in the technology – and the unique history – of AECL’s Chalk River and Whiteshell Laboratories. Thank you to everyone who helped make Wilson’s visit to CRL a success on such short notice.

“Taylor Wilson was a very curious and inquisitive guest. It was my pleasure to welcome such a promising young mind to Chalk River. I look forward to following his career in the nuclear industry and seeing his impressive list of achievements grow,” said Andrew Bergeron, chemical scientist in AECL’s Fuel Development branch.

To learn more about Taylor Wilson, visit his website, check Wikipedia or follow him on Twitter (@sciradioactive).