Photo Gallery

  • Environmental Stewardship

    Environmental Stewardship

  • Mechanical Testing Facilities

    Mechanical Testing Facilities

  • NRU Reactor

    NRU Reactor

  • Whiteshell Laboratories Decommissioning

    Whiteshell Laboratories Decommissioning

  • Instrumentation and Control

    Instrumentation and Control

  • Advanced Surface Science Laboratories

    Advanced Surface Science Laboratories

  • Shielded Facilities

    Shielded Facilities

  • Non-proliferation Technologies

    Non-proliferation Technologies

  • Fuel Development Work

    Fuel Development Work

  • Fuel Channel Safety

    Fuel Channel Safety

  • Biodosimetry Research

    Biodosimetry Research

  • Autoclave Facilities

    Autoclave Facilities

  • Materials Testing

    Materials Testing

  • Community Relations

    Community Relations

  • Biofouling and Biocorrosion Research

    Biofouling and Biocorrosion Research

  • Analytical Chemistry

    Analytical Chemistry

  • Hydrogen Isotopes Technology

    Hydrogen Isotopes Technology

  • Analytical Chemistry

    Analytical Chemistry

  • Fission Product Behaviour Laboratory

    Fission Product Behaviour Laboratory

  • Decommissioning


  • Recycled Fuel Fabrication

    Recycled Fuel Fabrication

  • Canadian Neutron Beam Centre

    Canadian Neutron Beam Centre

  • Prototype Fuel Bundle

    Prototype Fuel Bundle

  • Chemical Effects Test Rigs

    Chemical Effects Test Rigs

  • Groundwater Sampling

    Groundwater Sampling

  • World leading dosimetry capabilities

    World leading dosimetry capabilities

  • Dosimetry


  • Chalk River Laboratories

    Chalk River Laboratories

  • Decommissioning and Waste Management

    Decommissioning and Waste Management

  • Nuclear Legacy Liabilities Program

    Nuclear Legacy Liabilities Program

  • Environmental Technologies

    Environmental Technologies

  • Pump Seal Design and Manufacture

    Pump Seal Design and Manufacture

  • Laser Dimensioning

    Laser Dimensioning

  • NRU and NRX Reactors

    NRU and NRX Reactors

  • Header Test Facility

    Header Test Facility

  • Steam Generator Inspection Probes

    Steam Generator Inspection Probes

  • Biological Research Facility

    Biological Research Facility

  • Inspection Technology

    Inspection Technology

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