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CNL and CNS launch International Generation IV and Small Sodular Reactor Conference

Global leaders in small and advanced reactors are invited to international forum exploring the path to deployment

Chalk River, ON – February 21, 2018 – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, and the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS), Canada’s leading learned society representing over 1,000 nuclear scientists, researchers, engineers and professionals, announced today that they will partner to launch the first international Generation IV and Small Reactor Conference (G4SR), a global forum on the future of nuclear energy.

Held from November 6 - 8 at the Marriott Hotel Ottawa, G4SR seeks to build on the growing momentum and international interest in advanced and small modular reactor (SMR) development in Canada. The three-day conference promises engaging workshops, plenary sessions, and technical program tracks exploring topics critical to the design, development and deployment of Generation IV and small reactors, and brings together world leaders in technical and non-technical aspects of deployment for discussions relevant not just to Canada, but globally. 

“Earlier this year we declared small modular reactors as one of seven strategic initiatives CNL intends to pursue as part of our Long-Term Strategy, with the specific goal of siting an SMR on one of our sites by 2026,” declared Dr. Kathy McCarthy, Vice-President of Research & Development at CNL. “We believe in the commercial viability of SMRs, and it is our vision to serve as a global leader in SMR demonstration, testing and technology development support. Success in achieving this goal requires the critical connections that will be formed through the dialogue at events such as G4SR.”

G4SR comes at an exciting and important time for new nuclear technologies. The next generation of advanced reactors and SMRs hold the promise of low-carbon energy innovation for Canada and the world.  Advanced SMRs are being designed with consideration for deployment in remote or off-grid locations, and have applications beyond the production of electricity, including desalination, hydrogen production, local area heating and process heat.

This conference will invite thought leaders to weigh in on key questions on SMR deployment, including first-of-a-kind prototype testing; SMR manufacturing and the supply chain; economic benefits for the North; the challenges obtaining the social licence for deployment; possible integrations for renewables; and the long term waste management.  From a business perspective, G4SR will delve into discussions around innovative public / private partnership business models as a mechanism to enable SMR investments; and takes a big picture look at the relationship between international development and small and advanced reactor designs.

“Generation IV and SMRs can play an important role in addressing the energy, health, safety, security and climate-change goals of the world,” declared Mr. Daniel Gammage, CNS President, “These reactors have advanced passive safety features, are resistant to nuclear proliferation, have no greenhouse gas emissions, and are promoted as being economically competitive . They are suitable for niche and off-grid applications, as well as a connection to the electrical grid as a supply option to provide incremental capacity as needed to match incremental energy demand.” 

As SMR vendors, and industry stakeholders, including CNL, work to advance SMR technologies from the design concept to laboratory testing, licencing and on through to deployment, there will be challenges; G4SR is an international forum  for the industry and stakeholders to work together to identify obstacles and opportunities, and seek solutions through dialogue, engagement and collaboration. All interested parties are invited to attend and join us in the discussions. 

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