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The Town of Deep River signs interim - Fire Services Agreement with CNL

DEEP RIVER, Ontario, December 04, 2017 – Today Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and the Town of Deep River signed an historic interim agreement that will see CNL’s Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) Fire Operations provide training, organization and management of the Town’s fire services from December 4, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  

In this interim agreement, CRL Fire Operations will provide a Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief to the Town fire service during this transition of management and organization. The costs for these personnel will be borne by the Town of Deep River.

This is the first building block that allows for the development of a longer term, stronger partnership for all parties. This step benefits residents, employees and business owners in the Town of Deep River through an enhanced level of fire protection. 

“The interim agreement with CNL provides our residents, businesses and employees with confidence that Council remains focused on the provisions of an effective fire service. The Town of Deep River will continue to move forward in a strategic but determined manner towards enhanced fire services; granting an increased level of fire protection and beginning to address decades-old challenges in a cost-effective manner,” said Deep River Mayor Joan Lougheed.

During the time of this interim agreement, both parties will work collaboratively to negotiate a comprehensive, long-term Fire Protection Services Agreement (FPSA) for the Town of Deep River.

“Our first priority is to ensure the safety of residents, businesses and employees of Deep River,” said Mayor Joan Lougheed. “I want to thank CNL President Mark Lesinski and his team who made this partnership possible through their commitment and dedication.”

“CNL is pleased to work with the town of Deep River through the implementation of this interim agreement. As CNL places health and safety as a high priority in our operations, so too does the municipality, this is evident in its efforts to provide continuing fire services for its residents,” said CNL President & CEO Mark Lesinski. “This approach will not compromise the Chalk River Laboratories’ site safety, and will provide the residents of Deep River with short-term assistance while a permanent municipal fire services solution is determined.”

A Memorandum of Understanding recognizing the Town of Deep River’s unique status as the Host Community of CRL was also agreed to between Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), CNL and Deep River. 

“This interim fire services agreement is a great example of what can be accomplished under the terms of our Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Deep River. It is important to recognize our host community and to leverage areas for collaboration where all parties can benefit,” said Richard Sexton, President and CEO of AECL.

“CRL Fire Operations capabilities and experience is best in class,” said Reeve Glenn Doncaster. “Their level of training and professionalism will be a tremendous benefit to the Deep River fire service and our entire community as we move forward.”

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Joan Lougheed, Mayor

Glenn Doncaster, Reeve

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
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