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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories presents the Eyes on the Universe Exhibit

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is pleased to present the Eyes on the Universe exhibit highlighting the Nobel Prize winning work of Dr. Art McDonald and the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Laboratory (SNOLab) team. The interactive exhibit will be on display in the Deep River Town Hall from April 13 – May 16, 2017. 

CNL invites the public to experience the exhibit which will be open weekdays from 8:30 am. – 5:00 p.m., to learn about the Nobel Prize winning results from SNO and how the current experiments at SNOLab are pushing frontiers in astroparticle physics. The exhibit presents spectacular images, video and artifacts from the deep underground laboratory while sharing the stories of people behind the research.  

“This exhibit is an opportunity to highlight how CNL’s expertise and partnerships continue to put Canada at the forefront of scientific research, “says Dr. Kathy McCarthy, Vice President of Research and Development at CNL. “We have a history of innovation and expertise that is unparalleled in Canada, and as we move forward at CNL, we hope to continue to build prosperous relationships that lead to future Nobel Prize worthy work.”
As a proud community partner CNL strives to provide opportunities to the public for education and a greater understanding of the cutting edge science in Canada. The exhibit gives the public and student tour groups a chance to learn more about the SNOLab work and a chance to see applications of astroparticle physics outside the classroom. 

“With our longstanding relationship with the Town of Deep River and the connection between the SNOLab research and Chalk River Laboratories, hosting the exhibit was a natural fit” says Mark Lesinski, President & CEO of CNL. “The exhibit has toured around the world, showcasing the large impact highly qualified people can have coming from such a small place in the universe - like Deep River.”

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Patrick Quinn
Director, Corporate Communications
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories