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CNL works hard to build public awareness, understanding, and a supportive appreciation of CNL’s value and relevance to Canadians.  In addition, we want to ensure that the general public, surrounding communities, the news media, the supply chain and other stakeholders such as industry and academia are informed about the ongoing activities at CNL sites.

CNL routinely reports the results of monitoring and compliance programs to sustain open and transparent communication with stakeholders and to assure the public that the impacts are acceptably low.  

We welcome the opportunity for dialogue. For more information on any aspect of CNL’s communication programs, please contact our Corporate Communications team at or 1- 800-364-6989.

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Introducing the CNL Alumni Network

As former employees of CNL you are our strongest supporters, our most vocal proponents and on occasion, our toughest critics. We appreciate that support and want to do our best to keep it.

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