2017 Community Information Bulletins

The following information is provided in accordance with CNL's commitment to enhance its voluntary public disclosure of events related to the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) or Whiteshell (WL) Laboratories.

CNL updates NSDF Waste Inventory

October 26, 2017

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) announced today that it has re-evaluated its proposal for the Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) at Chalk River Laboratories, and has made the decision to only include low-level radioactive waste in the NSDF. Waste intended for disposal in the NSDF will meet the guidelines set out for low-level radioactive waste by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Smoke discovered during equipment testing

August 23, 2017

On Thursday, August 17, a small fire occurred in an electrical motor cabinet in the NRU reactor. The cause of the fire was a relay overheating, and the fire self-extinguished.

Chalk River Laboratories power outage

July 31, 2017

On Sunday July 30, the Chalk River Laboratories site experienced a loss of electrical power as supplied by Hydro One.

CNL responds to alarm in small utility building

April 7, 2017

On Friday April 7, CNL fire response personnel responded to an alarm at a small utility building located at the Chalk River site. The unoccupied structure is an access point to below grade utility services.