Community Bulletin

CNL provides information on a (non-radioactive) halocarbon release of greater than 100 kg

(2016 December 12) The following information bulletin is in accordance with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' (CNL) ongoing commitment to voluntary public disclosure of events related to the Chalk River Laboratories. 

CNL reports a loss of greater than 100 kg of R-22 refrigerant from a facility process chiller. The loss is currently estimated at approximately 280 kg. The leak was discovered when the chiller failed to start up during operation of the process system. CNL is currently confirming the amount of loss. Repairs to the equipment are underway. R-22 is, non-radioactive, non-flammable and poses no detrimental risk to human health. 

CNL reported this release to Environment Canada as required by the Federal Halocarbon Regulations Act and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was notified of the release as per CRL Site Licence requirements. CNL confirms that there is no threat to workers, the public, the environment or nuclear safety related to this event.



Patrick Quinn
Director, Corporate Communications CNL,