Information Bulletin

CNL remains committed to science education

(November 29, 2016) Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) remains committed to the promotion and celebration of nuclear science with the public, and with Canadian students in classrooms across the country. 

Recently, CNL’s partner in science education for 30 years, the Deep River Science Academy (DRSA), announced that it was ceasing operations. “We are extremely disappointed to lose this wealth of knowledge and experience,” said Mark Lesinski, CNL’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The DRSA has helped provide hundreds of students with a unique opportunity to experience hands-on science learning, and has helped spark an interest in science for many across Canada. 

“Because of the nature of our work, CNL is committed to education involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Lesinski. “Therefore, we are pleased to announce that CNL will have new student programming in place for the 2017 school year. Meanwhile, we will consult with our community leaders and experts in curriculum development to ensure an exciting program that promotes science, the great work at CNL, and the communities in which we live, work and play.” 

In addition, CNL remains an enthusiastic participant in the Renfrew County Regional Science and Technology Fair and the Renfrew County Science Olympics. Chalk River Laboratories welcomes student field trips and provides scientists for classroom demonstrations. Other industry stakeholders are welcome to join this effort to ensure the pioneering work that began with DRSA continues and thrives. 


Patrick Quinn
Director, Corporate Communications