Fuel & Material Testing

A Foundation for the Industry

The NRU reactor did not generate electricity, it generated knowledge. The reactor served as a cornerstone of the entire Canadian nuclear power industry, and continued to be an essential component in the development of CANDU® nuclear reactor designs.

Inside NRU, a nuclear reaction occurred, just as in a full-scale CANDU reactor; however, NRU was strictly a research tool. It contained testing equipment allowing scientists and engineers to put new fuels or materials into the reactor and see how they behave. NRU was a unique facility in Canada providing knowledge that helped CNL build safer and more efficient nuclear power plants.

From fuel testing, to materials and component life cycle work, to industry-leading safety and design work, this reactor continued to offer the Canadian nuclear industry the support it needed to lead the nuclear renaissance. This reactor stands as a shining example of a true Canadian success story, and the foundation in the development of the nuclear industry in this country. Domestic nuclear power generation prevents millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year by reducing Canada's use of fossil fuels, a breath of fresh air for millions of Canadians.