Neutron Scattering Summer School

Canadian Neutron Beam Centre

The Canadian Neutron Beam Centre (CNBC) was a unique and versatile element of Canada's research infrastructure. The CNBC enabled academia, government and industry to use neutron beams as tools for world-class materials research, providing new understanding of materials and improving products for businesses. Each year, over 200 scientists, engineers, and students participated in research that depended on access to the CNBC's six neutron beamlines.

The CNBC ceased to provide neutrons on March 31, 2018 when the NRU reactor permanently shutdown.

The CNBC is now in a wind-down mode, but plans to provide assistance to its users to complete data analysis and public results until March 2019.

Information about Canadian research using neutron beams is available from the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering: