Whiteshell Panorama

Whiteshell Decommissioning

Decommissioning of the Whiteshell Laboratories has been underway for more than a decade. In 2003 the site received approval of an overall decommissioning framework, through the completion of an environmental assessment and the subsequent issuing of a site decommissioning licence by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Since that time, redundant buildings have been demolished, and new enabling facilities for waste handling have been planned and constructed.

Environmental performance is continuously monitored and has confirmed CNL's responsible stewardship of the site. A renewed strategic plan has been developed. The new plan will see decommissioning of the entire site complete by 2027. Planning documents to begin decommissioning of the WR-1 Research Reactor, one of the largest facilities on the site, were recently submitted to the CNSC.

Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • Shielded Modular Above-Ground Storage (SMAGS) Facility
  • Waste Handling & Clearance Facilities 
  • Cesium Pond
  • Liquid Waste Retrieval and Disposition (Mixed Liquid Waste, Active Liquid Waste Tanks 1 and 2, WL Tanks)
  • Non-Nuclear Buildings Decommissioning
  • Shielded Facilities Decommissioning
  • Underground Research Laboratory Decommissioning
  • Site Utility Systems Reconfiguration
  • Nuclear Services Reconfiguration

Whiteshell CONTACT

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