NSDF Key Points

It's proven technology. 

This type of facility has been successfully built and operated around the world. The technology is mature and well understood. CNL is currently building two similar facilities in the Municipalities of Port Hope and Clarington in Ontario to emplace historic wastes generated by the former Crown Corporation, Eldorado Nuclear. Other examples include:

Near surface technology has been demonstrated internationally and the NSDF will build on these experiences.

It's environmentally sound.

Consideration for the environment is part of every project undertaken by CNL. The Environmental Assessment process will determine CNL’s actions during implementation of this project, ensuring continued responsible stewardship. To minimize or eliminate environmental effects CNL will integrate environmental factors into the design, construction and operation of the proposed facility.

CNL has a solid record of accomplishment on environmental protection. CNL’s environmental policy, Environmental Management System and ongoing processes guide, monitor and report on CNL’s environmental performance.

CNL will undertake this project within this established framework. Extensive studies are ongoing with respect to potential facility sites, information gained though this work will inform and support the environmental assessment process.

It's safe.

The public and the environment will not be put at risk as a result of construction and operation of the proposed facility.

The proposed facility will use design and engineering parameters that ensures construction enables stringent operation, and closure requirements. Design features such as multiple liners and two leachate detection systems are just two examples of the facility’s protection aspects.

Location, construction and operation is subject to a rigorous regulatory process, including environmental assessment.

A solution for CNL’s legacy obligations.

With no disposal facility available at the Chalk River site, the proposed NSDF once approved and constructed will provide a permanent disposal solution for a variety of waste materials. Waste material originating from historical operations and generated as CNL revitalizes Chalk River Laboratories and closes the Whiteshell Laboratories and Nuclear Power Demonstration sites will be emplaced in the facility.

The Near Surface Disposal Facility will enable and accelerate a significant reduction in liabilities on CNL sites, reduce the footprint of the built up area on the CRL site and create the appropriate conditions for a clean and revitalized science and technology campus.