Comprehensive Preliminary Decommissioning Plan

The Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) Comprehensive Preliminary Decommissioning Plan (CPDP) is the long term plan to safely and cost-effectively decommission the Chalk River site.  This plan is based on international best practices and will see disused infrastructure removed, contaminated lands remediated and all resulting wastes dispositioned, to meet final end state criteria for industrial reuse by 2400.

The CPDP presents the strategy, scope, planning assumptions, and schedule as they apply to the decommissioning of the Chalk River facilities. The plan brings the CRL site from its current state to the end state vision of industrial use. It meets the requirements specified in the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) document, G-219.

The document represents the culmination of a major initiative that was undertaken by CNL in 2003 in concert with other government agencies to develop a conceptual technical strategy for managing the nuclear legacies on CNL sites that would:

  • be consistent with modern international standards and practices;
  • ensure the health, safety and security of the public and employees, and protect the environment; and
  • address regulatory requirements and expectations.

The Government of Canada’s long-term strategy reflects several important changes including the acceleration in timing of the decommissioning activities and the inclusion of the construction and operational costs of new infrastructure and treatment facilities required to permit waste processing, storage and long-term management.

CNL must also decommission facilities at the end of their operating life in accordance with the plans filed with the CNSC. Decommissioning these facilities will involve safely dismantling the facility and processing any radioactive material for appropriate disposal.