Tritium Handling, Separation & Management

Depending on your requirements, we may work with or through trusted nuclear suppliers to deliver the best solution to you. In these cases, we will consult with and advise you on the most appropriate path forward.

Licensed and qualified expertise to handle up to 1 MCi of tritium

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ Tritium Facility has licensed and qualified expertise to handle up to 1 MCi of tritium at any time to support commercial and R&D activities. Our superior tritium handling capacity and unique processing capabilities are unavailable anywhere else in the world.

CNL’s Tritium Facility supports a broad range of tritium-related product development to industry, including betavoltaics, fusion power and helium-3. Our capabilities include safe handling of high-specific activity tritium, tritium analysis and measurement methods, as well as tritium handling systems design and operation.

Offering superior handling capacity and unique processing capabilities:

  • Tritium dispensing of high purity tritium in various volumes with just-in-time delivery capability to satisfy customers’ licence limits
  • Various detritiation services available
  • Tritium-calibration-gas standards supply and assay
  • Expertise in helium-3 extraction
  • Tritium technologies for fusion and Gen-IV reactor applications
  • Development and testing of tritium powered beta-batteries
  • Tritium management & training

Tritium management, advisory services and training:

  • Tritium interaction with materials
  • Radioactive materials transport
  • Tritium monitoring
  • Tritium gas chromatography
  • Tritium waste management
  • Tritium accounting
  • Tritium dosimetry
  • Detritiation (atmospheric & water)
  • Process modeling & simulation