Analytical Chemistry

Health Sciences

Unique capabilities in health sciences

CNL maintains diverse capabilities in areas of Health and dosimetry, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) animal studies, isotope production and processing, targeted radionuclide therapies, ISO-accredited Analytical Chemistry services and waste management solutions. CNL is committed to improving the health of the world’s population through its work in the Health sector.

CNL’s Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) has the breadth and depth of knowledge expected of a leader in the industry. CRL is a full service nuclear laboratory with the capability to perform cutting-edge pharmaceutical development, along with a wide range of radiochemical analyses. CNL's health sciences facilities are staffed by an expert multi-discipline team of researchers and technologists.

To learn more about CNL’s capabilities and facilities, please select one of the below areas:

Biological Research Facility

CNL’s Biological Research Facility (BRF) plays a key role in proving and improving the standards for radiation safety and worker protection across the nuclear industry. The BRF conducts radiological research using live biological specimens and cell cultures.

Radiobiology and Radiochemistry

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is perhaps best known for supplying the nuclear medicine industry with radioisotopes for over six decades. What you may not know is that CNL’s researchers also perform cutting-edge research in isotope processing, purification and radiolabelling, targeted radionuclide therapies, internal dosimetry, stem cell technology, and the effects of low-dose radiation.

Thorium generator

CNL is an active participant in the Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) research area. TAT involves combining alpha-emitting radionuclides with biological targeting vectors that deliver a radiation dose to the diseased cells, limiting radiation exposure for the healthy cells surrounding it. Actinium-225 (225Ac) is an alpha-emitting radionuclide having desirable physical decay characteristics. CNL has created a thorium generator to support further research into targeted alpha therapy using Ac-225.

CNL Shielded Facilities

CNL has provided post-irradiation examination and testing of irradiated materials. Its shielded facilities provide a comprehensive set of capabilities, from material handling and sample preparation, to microscopic examination/analysis, bulk chemical and surface analysis, plus a range of mechanical testing capabilities.