Mark Lesinski

President and Chief Executive Officer


As President and CEO of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Mark Lesinski oversees CNL’s operations across Canada, that include the delivery of major environmental remediation projects, and the modernization of the Chalk River Laboratories, a $1.2 Billion program of work which will transform the site through the revitalization of essential site infrastructure, the decommissioning of aging buildings and the construction of new, world-class facilities.

A distinguished senior executive, Mark has a strong record of delivering major accomplishments in high-profile leadership positions across all areas of the nuclear sector. Over the course of his 40-year career, Mark has served in roles at both commercial and government-led nuclear facilities and organizations, leading power reactor operations, large retrofit projects, and decontamination and decommissioning programs.

Prior to his role at CNL, Mark spent 10 years working in the United Kingdom in positions that included Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the U.K. Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), where he accelerated the closure of the Magnox South Estate. Mark also led major commercial nuclear power plant retrofit projects, and decontamination and decommissioning activities, at commercial power plants and U.S. Department of Energy sites. This work included the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology site, where Mark’s expertise supported closure of the site 60 years ahead of schedule and $30 Billion lower than originally estimated.

Joe McBrearty

Chief Operating Officer


As COO of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Joe McBrearty oversees the company’s internal operations and activities, ensuring CNL is managed effectively and operating as a high-performing science and technology organization.

Joe brings significant experience to CNL as a leader in the nuclear industry and in the implementation of transformational change across numerous organizations. For more than 36 years, Joe served in highly technical and leadership positions that cover nearly all fields of nuclear operations, including nuclear reactor and high hazard nuclear facility operations, maintenance, training and oversight with complex nuclear organizations.

Most recently, Joe held the position of Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director for Field Operations with the Office of Science, in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In this role he worked to achieve excellence in nuclear operations, with responsibility for all operations, including, safety, security, nuclear and hazardous material operations, procurement, and financial actions for the majority of DOE’s national laboratory complex, all of which operate under the same management and operations model as CNL.

Jeffrey Griffin

Vice-President, Science & Technology


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Monica Steedman

Vice-President, Finance and Business Management & Chief Financial Officer


As Vice-President of Business Management and Chief Financial Officer, Monica Steedman oversees the management and implementation of CNL’s financial and business planning activities.

Monica brings a significant breadth of experience and a highly-refined skill set to the role, having spent much of her career dedicated to the development of business strategies for large organizations going through significant periods of transformation.

She has held senior leadership positions in financial and strategic roles for many of the United Kingdom’s leading nuclear organizations, including AWE, Energy Solutions EU and Magnox. She also served on the Board of Directors of Magnox Limited as a member of the Audit, Governance and Pensions Committees, and as a member of the Magnox Executive team, holding a position on the risk panel, portfolio management panel, validation and sanction panel, and resource management panel.

 Mike Gull
Mike Gull

Vice-President, Environmental Remediation Management


As Vice-President of Environmental Remediation Management, Mike Gull leads waste management, decommissioning and environmental remediation activities at CNL. Mike is also responsible for a number of CNL’s critical environmental remediation projects, including the Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) Project, the NPD Closure Project, the Whiteshell Closure Project, and the Port Hope Area Initiative, all of which are designed to manage Canada’s nuclear liabilities.

A seasoned industry executive from the United Kingdom, Mike has 32 years of leadership experience that includes the development and delivery of high value nuclear decommissioning and waste management programs. Most recently, Mike served as the Market Director of Nuclear Fuel Cycles in the United Kingdom and Europe, where he led the design and construction of major nuclear liability projects, which eliminated hazards and reduced risks through the application of decommissioning know-how and innovative techniques and technology.

 Phillip Boyle

Phillip Boyle

Vice-President, Operations and Chief Nuclear Officer


As Vice-President of Operations and Chief Nuclear Officer, Phillip Boyle leads CNL’s ongoing pursuit of performance improvements in the operation of CNL’s nuclear facilities at the Chalk River Laboratories.

A veteran of the industry with over 40 years of experience driving rigor, safety, and efficiencies in nuclear and other highly technical organizations, Phillip is a talented nuclear executive with a long and distinguished career in nuclear management and operations. Phillip most recently worked as an executive consultant for Atkins, where he served as Co-Chairman of its Independent Performance Assessment Team.

Brian Savage

Vice-President, Capital


As Vice-President of Capital, Brian Savage oversees the construction and delivery of CNL’s non-nuclear new builds, the Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre and the Site Utilities Revitalization Projects.

Brian brings significant experience in delivery of major projects, having held leadership positions in the nuclear, electrical power, defence and ship building sectors in Canada and internationally in the USA, the UK and Argentina. He recently served as Project Director for the Turbine Island for the Wylfa Nuclear Generating Station, leading the design, procurement and construction support for two new 1450 MW Hitachi ABWR units that were to be constructed in Wales until the project was suspended in early 2019. Brian was also project manager for steam generator replacements in nuclear plants in Minnesota and Units 1 and 2 at Bruce A. At Darlington, Brian was the Project Director for the four-year Definition Phase of the $3B Retube and Feeder Replacement project. Throughout these projects, he has worked closely with the nuclear supply chain, developing and cultivating relationships with key sub-contractors and suppliers.