The story of the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor memorialized by the people within this remarkable facility. 

Of Great Service tells the story of the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor and its historical role as one of Canada’s most important scientific and research facilities. 

“NRU has served as a cornerstone of the Canadian nuclear industry for over 60 years, improving the quality of life of Canadians and people around the globe,” commented Mark Lesinski, President and CEO of CNL. “The work enabled by NRU, by the operations team, the engineers, the researchers, has touched virtually every major industry.  This facility and the people within it have made the world a better place; this documentary will tell that story.” 

One of the largest research reactors in the world, NRU was a landmark achievement in Canadian nuclear science and technology went it went into service on November 3, 1957 on the banks of the Ottawa River in Deep River, Ontario. For over 60 years, the reactor served Canadians as a supplier of industrial and medical radioisotopes used for the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases, as a major Canadian facility for neutron physics research, and to provide engineering research and development support for Canada’s fleet of nuclear power reactors.

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