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Newsletters/Douglas Point Detailed Decommissioning Plan

Douglas Point Detailed Decommissioning Plan

This Detailed Decommissioning Plan (DDP) gives a general look at how Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is planning to decommission the Douglas Point facility. CNL will be preparing more volumes of the DDP that will go into detail on the five specific sub-phases (described in Section 6, Table 6-1) of decommissioning. These future DDPs will also be submitted to the federal regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and will be subject to review before a decision on whether the project can proceed is made.

This DDP outlines the size of the project (Section 2.2, Figure 2-2), the project type (Section 6), location (Section 2.2, Figure 2-1) and an overview of inventories (Section 7.2 and Section 7.3).