Supply Chain

Supplier Selection and Responsibilities

Purchasing is an activity that is integral to CNL’s ability to do business worldwide. CNL only selects suppliers that meet or exceed CNL’s criteria of providing reliable, high quality and price competitive products and services. In business dealings with CNL, suppliers are expected to act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. CNL in turn believes in the fundamental principle that all suppliers shall be dealt with in a fair, open and impartial manner and to select suppliers based upon their merits.

Many of CNL’s purchasing activities are limited to suppliers that have been registered with CNL. Completion of the online questionnaire or a Supplier Information Record form forwarded to a prospective supplier by an CNL procurement representative does not automatically grant a supplier access to available work. Suppliers are assessed on their technical capabilities, quality assurance programs, previous experience, staff qualifications, manufacturing capacity/capability, financial strength, environmental track record, and health and safety programs. Only suppliers with the necessary qualifications will be invited to submit a quotation/proposal.

Please also note that:

  • Work cannot commence between CNL and a supplier without an CNL purchase contract in place.
  • Only authorized CNL Procurement staff members are allowed to set up purchase contracts and request pricing information (other than budgetary pricing) from suppliers. Prior to releasing pricing information and/or engaging in a contract or agreement, suppliers should confirm with their CNL contact that they are authorized to make such a transaction. Any commitments made to suppliers by unauthorized CNL personnel are non-binding and will be considered invalid.


Health and Safety

CNL has a responsibility to ensure that purchased goods and services meet all safety requirements. CNL’s procurement process requires that all contractors wishing to do business with CNL are pre-qualified based on a demonstration of their ability to manage the health and safety, environmental and quality aspects of the contracted work and adhere to their respective provincial occupational health and safety act requirements.