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Updated Procurement Opportunities Spreadsheet:

Decommissioning and Waste Management has been renamed Environmental Remediation Management (ERM).

Through an internal review, it was determined the previous name did not accurately reflect the positive impact the department has on the environment. The group has and continues to do innovative, world-class work to improve Canada’s environment, whether it be demolishing historic buildings, remediating contaminated soil, entombing a below grade reactor using sound scientific and engineering principles, or designing a facility that will safely hold one million cubic metres of low level waste, among many other projects.

“Environmental Remediation Management really captures the environmental focus of our work, which is at the centre of the department’s mission,” explained Mike Gull, Vice President of ERM. “It is felt that this will enable improved understanding of the environmental benefits of the work we execute on behalf of our customers, particularly with members of the general public.” The renaming will not affect or delay any current or future work, however, all documents will be renamed after January 2, 2019.