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 A) CNL Standard Terms and Conditions under Reference and Forms (Oct. 11/2017)

B) Note on Changes to Security Screening under Useful Information, Security (Oct. 11/2017)

Due to changes introduced in the Standard on Security Screening, which sets out the Government of Canada’s requirements for all levels of security screening, CNL is now required to conduct a financial inquiry (credit check) for all new and renewal security screenings. CNL’s Personnel Security Services will pull the applicant’s credit report as a “blind check”, which means CNL’s check will not be recorded on the applicant’s credit report, and CNL will not receive the applicant’s overall credit score from the reporting agency. Credit reports obtained as part of the security screening process are used only for that screening process and retained in the applicant’s confidential security file. Credit reports are not used or disclosed for any other purpose within or outside CNL.

C) List Of CNEA Affiliates under Reference and Forms (Oct. 13/2017)

D) CNL Sept. 6 OCNI Presentations under Supply Chain Events (Oct. 23/2017)

E) Revised Procurement and Awards Spreadsheets under Procurement Opportunities and Awards (Oct. 17/2017)

F) CNL September 19, 2017 Supplier Safety Forum Presentations under Suppliers Safety Forum (Oct. 24/2017)