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Updated Procurement Opportunities Spreadsheet

Government assistance for small businesses

You asked about CNL linking to an Ontario government website outlining programs of potential assistance to Ontario-based companies. We have provided a link below, aimed at small businesses that we hope will fulfil CNL’s needs. 

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For those companies based in Quebec, however, you may need to contact the Quebec government for a similar link.

Expression of Interest submission requirements:

  • Completed CCDC 11 document (Contractor’s Qualification Statement)
  • Identification of proposed key personnel along with CV
  • WSIB clearance
  • Health & Safety Record for last 2 years
  • Record of experience in alternative construction delivery methods (Construction Management, Design-Build, IPD etc.)
  • Submit digital copies of all documentation in pdf format by email – details below

Shortlisted consultants/contractors/parties will be contacted individually and will call for quotations and other information on a requirement basis.

The project team reserves the right to negotiate, accept or reject any application at its sole and absolute discretion.

Inquiries and/or submissions should be directed to: