Complete Supplier Registration

Companies that wish to be considered for contracting opportunities with CNL should begin by completing one of the forms below to indicate that you are interested in providing goods, equipment or services to CNL. 

Please select the form best suited to your goods or services. If you wish to register in multiple areas, you must complete an additional form for each of the areas below.

Pre-screening of Suppliers for Opportunities

The information provided will be pre-screened to evaluate whether your company has the requisite capabilities and experience for a particular opportunity that may arise in the future. CNL may also complete a Pre-qualification stage in any procurement to limit the number of companies invited to bid for our opportunities. Note: Once completed, the information on the form will be managed by CNL to support future contract opportunities and it is not to be taken as a guarantee that your company will be selected to participate in those future opportunities. Companies are encouraged to also view the Opportunities and Awards section of this Portal and indicate to CNL those opportunities for which you request consideration through the Notice of Interest in an Opportunity link provided.