Suppliers' Safety Forum

Announcement of Jan 16th 2018 Supplier Safety Forum

Dear Suppliers,

CNL will conduct its next Suppier Safety Forum on Jan 16, 2018, where we share loads of important information with our suppliers/contractors. It will be held at the Chalk River Lion’s Hall (11 Kellett Avenue, Chalk River, On.)

CNL’s commitment to safety is one of the upmost objectives and we anticipate that this same care and importance is made by our suppliers.  

Based on your previous feedback, The Supplier Safety Forum agenda has been altered for this event. The first part will contain three briefings only (OSH, site conditions, and experience in Safety Forums). Following a coffee break,participants, site managers/leads are free to leave for pressing site activities, should they so choose), there will be two (2) breakout sessions one concerning CRL site work issues (such as re-use of boots in CA and Contractor/Supplier Training) and a second on future Safety Forum agenda.

CNL Supplier Relationship has recently sent invitations by e-mail. For logistical planning, we appreciate your responses (RSVP) by 2018 Jan 9, at the latest by sending us an email at

We are looking forward to your confirmations, feedback, and future participation.  

Thanking you in advance for your much anticipated comments and participation in the upcoming Supplier Safety Forum, and looking forward to meet you at the event.

CNL’s Supplier Safety Forum is an event held on a bi-monthly basis to bring CNL senior staff and contractors together to discuss issues primarily related to the safety of all personnel working on our site.

CNL asks Contractors to indicate their interest in participating along with details as to who would attend and whether they are in possession of a Contractor badge. Please forward an e-mail to

Audience: The preferred representatives from our suppliers who work on the CRL site are the On-Site Manager or On-site Supervisor. Should companies wish to have others participate they may do so but must be aware of the requirement for visitor request forms to be submitted should the designated person not have a CRL Contractor badge for entry onto the site.

Standard Agenda Items: While each event will have a detailed agenda, CNL will use the following standard approach to developing the agenda:

  1. An HSSE&Q briefing on safety statistics as well as any health, safety, security, environmental or quality issues that Contractors should be aware of;

  2. CNL briefing on site conditions;

  3. Briefings on any emergent issues related to safety or procurements; and;

  4. An opportunity for companies to rise any issues or ask any questions concerning safety and general procurement issues.

September 19, 2017: CNL Supplier Safety Forum

November 21, 2017: CNL Supplier Safety Forum


    Note: CNL is open to including briefings from our suppliers should they have any unique or emergent HSSE&Q issues that would be pertinent to their work and work of other companies at the CRL site.

    Contractor Badges or Visitor Requests: 

    In order to be able to participate, the Company representatives are to have either a Contractor badge that is current or complete and submit a visitor request form at minimum of seven days prior to the Contractor Safety Forum event. Company representatives that fail to meet this requirement may be excluded from access to the CRL site.

    New and Local Contractors not yet working on site: 

    CNL will be hosting other events during the next year to assist companies in learning how to work with CNL. However, companies may choose to participate in the Supplier Safety Forum to learn how to be ready to work with CNL should they wish and must submit a completed Visitor Clearance form at least seven days in advance or they may not be granted access to Chalk River Laboratories for purposes of attending the Forum. 

    CNL Contacts: 

    Suppliers are asked to send their inquiry to and a member of the Supplier Relationships and Development staff will respond to your e-mail.

    For more information, contact: 

    Jack Springer Manager,
    Supplier Relationships and Development
    (613) 584-8811 ext 44602