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List of CNEA Affiliates

“CNL is committed to managing its procurement practices in a fair, transparent and open manner.  To that end, it requests that its suppliers assist with real and perceived conflicts of interest where an affiliate of CNL’s parent companies are involved in a CNL procurement event. “

CNL Standard Terms and Conditions ( T's & C's )

“CNL has, effective September 30, 2017, released four new standard form contracts for its procurement contracts that, in the aggregate, are valued under $500,000 for routine goods, materials, professional and consulting services and minor works construction services provided to CNL.  These forms have been developed by CNL to streamline, make more efficient, and simplify the procurement that falls within these criteria. In preparing these forms, CNL has focused on a balanced risk allocation between CNL and supplier, including industry-norms for most goods and services that CNL routinely procures.  To that end, CNL is looking for forms that Suppliers generally can entertain with limited or no exceptions in most circumstances.

CNL Legal and Procurement teams support and are interested in hearing Supplier feedback to these forms.  Please direct comments you may have to ; These will be aggregated and reviewed by CNL, and adjustments to the forms will be considered where appropriate”.