Procurement Opportunities & Awards

2017-18 Procurement Insights

The intent of this document is to set out how CNL intends to engage with industry, provide insight to the framework of agreements needed to support our mission areas, and provide context to the nature of work CNL plans to execute.

CNL has three key missions:

For the 2017-18 fiscal year, the following are areas of focus for each of the missions. Competitive procurements to further those missions are as outlined in 2017-18 Procurement Opportunities and Awards spreadsheet.

Mission 1: Decommissioning and Waste Management

CNL is accelerating decommissioning, environmental restoration and waste management projects to safely and effectively reduce Canada’s nuclear legacy liabilities and associated risks, based on sound waste management and environmental principles. To further that end, projects will be undertaken to: demolish and decommission several buildings at the Chalk River site to allow for new facilities to be built; advance the development of a Near Surface Disposal Facility at Chalk River to receive low-level waste streams; manage and treat liquid and legacy waste to reduce environmental impact; and maintain the Gentilly-1 and Douglas Point storage facilities.

Mission 2: Science and Technology

The CNL mission to advance Canada’s nuclear agenda, by supporting the government in its objectives, through research and commercial products will be furthered through the procurement of equipment and services to enable laboratories and the National Reactor Universal (NRU) to operate safely, efficiently and with the largest scope possible.

Mission 3: Capital 

The development and transformation of the Chalk River Site to a campus-like facility will give rise to a number of capital projects to build new facilities; revitalize and modernize existing facilities; and enhance IT capabilities and infrastructure. New equipment will be procured to assist the Health Safety and Security program and Research and Development to achieve their goals.

For information on upcoming procurements go to the 2017-18 Procurement Opportunities and Awards spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will be updated monthly to show contracts that have been awarded and include any additional procurements not included in the Annual Program of Work and Budget.

2017-18 Procurement Opportunities and Awards Spreadsheet Rev Jan 12 2018

Let CNL know of your interest in any of the procurements listed by registering at Register as a Potential Supplier and getting in touch with our Supplier Relationship and Development team by .


The list above is for information purposes only and should in no way be construed as an invitation to bid. CNL reserves the right to delay or delete potential procurements without notice. Updates will be made as new opportunities become known so check back often.

Procurement News (2017 July) – Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) RFP:

The following proponents have been prequalified by CNL and have indicated their intention to participate in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the NSDF Construction Services project.

In alphabetical order, the Qualified Proponents are as follows: 

  • AECON Group Inc., 150 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario N1R-7K9
  • Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, 505 Woodward Avenue, Unit 1 Hamilton, Ontario L8H-6N6
  • Bird Construction Industrial Services Ltd., 17007 107 Avenue NW, Edmonton Alberta T5S 1G3
  • Graham Construction and Engineering LP, 6108 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario L5T-2V7 


The RFP for the NSDF Construction services was issued at the end of June, with an anticipated award in 2017 December. If you have any interest in subcontract work associated with this project, please contact the firms directly. 

Register as a Potential Supplier to make your company and capabilities known to CNL generally. In addition you may complete the Vendor Registration of Interest form to indicate your interest in a specific opportunity listed in the 2017-18 Procurement Opportunities and Awards Spreadsheet. The online forms will be automatically directed to the Supplier Relationship and Development team. They will be used to develop bidder’s lists as well as used to explore capabilities through invitations to visit or participate in trade-type shows.