Supply Chain Events

CNL in partnership with OCNI is hosting an Industry Day

OCNI Science and technology September 2017.  On September 06 and 07, CNL and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) will be hosting their Annual Industry Day at the Chalk River Laboratories campus. The program for this year’s event includes both workshop and networking dinner components, as well as the annual vendor display on the following day.

If you are a supplier to CNL, or interested in becoming one, this workshop may be of interest. CNL will provide a series of briefings to industry on the significant Supply Chain transformation that has occurred over the past year as well as an update on each of our missions, programs and the direction we are headed over the next year. The vendor display on September 07 could prove useful to smaller businesses looking to connect with larger vendors for possibilities to sub-contract, and provides a chance to speak directly with hundreds of staff and researchers at the Chalk River site.

For additional information or to reserve a space, please visit the OCNI website at

CNL OCNI September 6, 2017 Presentations