Event Reports

In accordance with Section 16.2(5)(h) of the Licence Conditions Handbook, CNL must provide to the public, through our external website, a list of events reported to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) within 60 days following the end of the preceding quarter.

The following is a list of Event Reports that were generated by CNL’s operations. CNL will update this list on a quarterly basis.

2018 /19 Second quarter - July 01 to September 30

2018/19 First quarter - April 01 to June 30

2017/18 Fourth quarter - January 01 to March 31

2017/18 Third quarter - October 01 to December 31

Event Initial Reports

In some instances reportable events are the subject of Event Initial Reports (EIR) and are presented by CNSC staff to the CNSC Commission at a public meeting. These events are typically ones that have higher potential for significance or that may raise public interest. Those reportable events which were EIRs have been flagged as such on the event listing.