Request for Expressions of Interest: Non-Technical

Respondents are encouraged to offer concise comments and insights that they believe would be beneficial to CNL in the objective of hosting a demonstration or prototype reactor.

Although CNL is seeking responses that are as comprehensive as possible, it is understood that, for various reasons, potential respondents may be unable to provide some of the information requested. Provision of whatever information is possible will be helpful and appreciated. 

Should you wish to provide your feedback though a .word document, or a scanned .pdf, please see the links in the sidebar.

Responses must be received through email to or online submission no later than July 31, 2017.


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Please outline your potential contributions to a Canadian SMR industry and potential partnership with CNL. (1000 characters left)

All SMR stakeholders or any other interested parties are invited to respond to the questions below. In formulating your responses, please consider your needs in general, not only those that you perceive could be met by CNL.

For each section, guidelines regarding the type of information being sought are provided; however, respondents may include any information they deem relevant for each section. Where information requested is not available, is not relevant to the response or cannot be provided for any reason, respondents should include the title of the section and then leave it blank or provide only that information that is applicable.

Examples: Describe the attributes of the ideal solution to meet those energy needs. Have you considered nuclear energy as a solution? What is needed for you to consider nuclear energy as a solution? (2500 characters left)

Please provide details on your organization’s readiness to work with CNL.This could include, but is not limited to: financial resources, technical capabilities, geographic constraints, particular areas of strength, size of workforce. (2500 characters left)

Consider: What do end users need to have confidence to adopt these technologies? What do other industry partners and communities need? What is the biggest obstacle to deployment of prototypes or demonstration SMR technologies? What is the biggest obstacle (2500 characters left)

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If so, please suggest ways you feel we could best communicate with you or your organization / constituents, and any specific areas of interest or methods of communication. (500 characters left)

This RFEOI is only a request for information. This RFEOI is not a step or pre-requisite to any future procurement. This RFEOI is a non-binding process on CNL and CNL shall not be obligated in any manner to any interested party under this RFEOI. For certainty, it is not, and under no circumstances is it to be construed as an invitation to bid, call for tenders or request for proposals. This RFEOI is neither a procurement contract nor a contract to carry out any services as a result of this RFEOI or as a result of an RFEOI submission.

CNL reserves the right to:
a) Modify, cancel or suspend the RFEOI process at any stage at any time for any reason;
b) Accept or reject any response in the sole and absolute discretion of CNL;
c) Not accept any response; and/or
d) Reject or disqualify all or any RFEOI without any obligation, compensation or reimbursement to any Interested Party.

A response is requested by web submission or email to on or before July 31, 2017.

All inquiries regarding this RFEOI must be directed by email to:
Bronwyn Hyland
Program Manager, Small Modular Reactor Technologies