Request for Feedback: SMR Technology

CNL is asking for your input and participation in this important initiative.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) launched an effort to gather input regarding Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology in Canada, and more specifically the role that Canadian Nuclear Laboratories can play in bringing this technology to market. 

This process is a critical one for our organization as we work hard to position ourselves as a hub for SMR technology within Canada. This Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) aims to build an understanding of the capabilities of technology developers and other stakeholders, in both what they would bring to a partnership with CNL, and what is needed for successful commercial deployment. This effort will also help CNL evaluate market interest in the technology; inform the development of CNL’s science & technology capabilities; and, identify the challenges and opportunities faced in bringing an SMR to successful deployment.

As a member of the nuclear supply chain or academic and research community, you are able to suggest opportunities where we can work together collaboratively with technology developers, CNL and government. In addition, you are able to provide your thoughts on areas where you feel you can best support a vendor on the path to deployment. 

As an end user, you can provide us an understanding of your energy needs, and potential applications for this clean, reliable source of power. Your input is also valuable in identifying areas of public concern or opportunities for better communication and education regarding SMR technology. 

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Submissions are welcome from June to July 31.

This RFEOI is only a request for information. This RFEOI is not a step or pre-requisite to any future procurement. This RFEOI is a non-binding process on CNL and CNL shall not be obligated in any manner to any interested party under this RFEOI. CNL reserves the right to modify, cancel or suspend the RFEOI process at any stage at any time for any reason and to accept or reject any response at any time.

Conference Call & Webinar


CNL is in the process of scheduling an opportunity for interested parties to join a web conference and online discussion. This is your opportunity to learn more about the RFEOI, and CNL's capabilities and expertise in supporting the development and siting of an SMR.

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