Drop Test Facility

CNL’s Drop Test Facility located at its Chalk River Laboratories provides a secure environment for conducting a wide variety of test scenarios.

The facility can test and qualify items that are:

  • Radioactive materials transport shipping packages
  • Transportation safety requirements where there are potential hazards in air, space or rail with accelerated objects
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Building and construction equipment
  • Defense vehicles and protective equipment

Test impact targets consist of a steel-reinforced concrete pad three metres by three metres by three metres deep and a steel plate 2,440 mm by 1,830 mm by 100 mm thick.  The entire target is embedded in granite bedrock. The drop tower is 20 metres high, and the weight capacity is 20,000 kilograms. This service has been successfully demonstrated since 1978. CAD analysis has gained status over the last 10 years; the benefits of actual drop tests validate simulated drops and close the gap on CAD analysis reliability. This is important when recertification of packages are required, and with certification of new package design. Digital photography and video along with data acquisition on deceleration is available.

The facility meets all regulatory requirements for drop testing radioactive materials transport shipping packages meeting International Atomic Energy Agency safety standards and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission certification.