Non-destructive Testing & Inspection

Depending on your requirements, we may work with or through trusted nuclear suppliers to deliver the best solution to you. In these cases, we will consult with and advise you on the most appropriate path forward.

Specialized inspection techniques, tooling and analysis 

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories offers non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection expertise that has been built over decades and has a history of providing mission-critical component testing in highly-radioactive nuclear environments where reliability and safety cannot be compromised.

CNL is a proven and reliable partner used by leading companies worldwide for niche application expertise. We work with you to package inspection techniques, custom tooling and analysis. 

Inspection technologies

  • Neutron Diffraction
  • Eddy Current Testing (ET)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Radiography (RT)
  • ET Array & UT Phased Array
  • Corrosion Mapping
  • Micro-focus Radiography
  • Vibration & Acoustics Testing
  • Pulsed Eddy Current
  • Remote visual inspections of hostile or difficult to access environments

New probes & specialised tooling development

CNL offers integrated fabrication and prototyping of specialised tooling for non-destructive testing and inspection including over 30-years of experience designing and manufacturing custom probes for flaw detection and characterisation

Proven expertise

  • Industry standard Garter Spring Detection Probe used for mandatory safety inspections in nuclear power stations in Canada and around the world
  • Custom Eddy Current Surface Probes for crack detection in aluminium welds and turbine engine disks, corrosion mapping of vessels, and wall thickness measurements of steel storage tanks or pipes
  • Axial Diameter and Magnetite probe applied in steam generators developed to accurately measure the inner diameter of a tube and the thickness of deposits inside a tube, such as magnetite fouling
  • The AECL Fuel Channel Inspection System: full suite of techniques & procedures developed for Candu Energy Inc. to make measurements or inspections inside a CANDU™ nuclear reactor as part of their regular maintenance program; field implemented by CNL internationally

Facilities and testing capabilities include

  • World class electromagnetic modelling & simulation
  • Diagnostic systems for degradation monitoring
  • Recognized experts on fuel channel inspection
  • Qualification of probability of detection (POD) and flaw-sizing accuracy studies to CANDU™ Inspection Qualification Board (CIQB) standard 
  • Advanced materials characterization and failure analysis