Events and Activities

We can promise you an exciting, educational, and entertaining day.

Displays & Booths

NRU, Energy Program (S&T), Health Program (S&T), Environment Program (S&T), Safety & Security Program (S&T), Fire & Emergency Preparedness, NPD Decommissioning, Near Surface Disposal Facility, Site Revitalization, Human Resources... and many more to come.

Presentations & Demos

Skilled Trades,  Heavy Equipment & Vehicles, S&T Overview, Capital Program Overview, Introduction to Small Modular Reactor Technology, Overview: Near Surface Disposal Facility, Overview: NPD Decommissioning

Facility Tours

To be announced

Other Activities

Refreshment Vendors

A variety of local food vendors will be on site to provide refreshments.  To simplify the security processes, we ask that you refrain from bringing coolers or backpacks to the site, and bring with you only those items essential to a safe, fun day.

Children's Entertainment

To be announced.

Specialized Tours

Unique to this year's event, we have made arrangements for special access to two of our nuclear facilities: the Nuclear Power Demonstration reactor in Rolphton, ON, and the NRU Reactor, located on the Chalk River site.  Participation in these tours is limited, and for security reasons a separate registration process is required.  For more information, please follow the links on the main Open House page.


Photos from the 2012 CRL Open House

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