Mark Lesinski

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kathryn McCarthy

Vice-President, Research & Development

Monica Steedman

Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Kehler

Vice-President, Decommissioning and Waste Management

 Corey McDaniel
Corey McDaniel

Vice-President, Business Development and Commercial Ventures


David Cox

Vice-President, Operations and Chief Nuclear Officer

 Doug McIntyre
Doug McIntyre

Vice-President, Legal

Esther Zdolec

Vice-President, Human Resources

Lou Riccoboni

Vice-President, Corporate Affairs

Kevin Daniels

Vice-President, Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality

Ted Preisig

Vice-President, Capital Projects

Daniel Coyne

General Manager, Whiteshell Laboratories Closure Project

Patrick Daly

General Manager, NPD Closure Project